How To Be A SuperAger

9781784521363 - 210Angela S. Lucas’s first book is “How To Be A SuperAger: Living Life to the Max in your 50s, 60s and beyond“.

On her 82nd birthday, she was challenged to hike 100 kilometres (62miles) in Spain’s Galician mountains. Walking the ancient Camino de Santiago route with a heavy backpack, she faced adventures with other pilgrims, sticky mud, steep climbs and blistering midday heat. This was one way she faced the adventures and challenges of the third or late age.

Now her uplifting book addresses the question for those in their 50s and beyond: ‘What now, what next, what has it all been about?’. It shows that far from settling into comfy slippers, whatever problems life presents, if a new challenge is accepted, a purposeful new life adventure begins.

Published on 12th April 2018, you can buy your copy at …