Short biography

Angela Lucas

Angela Susannah Lucas, born in 1934, spent her wartime childhood years in Rhyl in northern Wales. This was a time of learning self-sufficiency and contributing to the family larder by mushrooming, blackberry picking and setting night lines at the receding tide to catch a good supply of plaice for her family and neighbours.

Alongside marriage and the birth of her five children (her main accomplishment) she followed a career in nursing.  In her 50s redundancy encouraged a change in career prompting study for the Private Secretary’s Certificate, this leading to work in Saudi Arabia as a medical secretary and later as a TEFL teacher in Egypt teaching English while attempting to learn basic Arabic.

Retirement gave opportunity for further study, first for A Level English, followed by university and three consecutive degrees.  To celebrate her 82nd birthday Angela hiked the final 100 miles of the ancient Camino de Santiago in the Galician mountains of northern Spain.

Studies behind her and drawing on her own experiences Angela has just completed her first book, a motivational read to encourage living a life full of purpose for those in their 60s and beyond.