Expanding my IT skills

My son, who is the true IT wizz person, spent some time today showing me how to use extra facilities on my web site, and, I discovered someone had posted a comment!

Well! now that I posted a reply to ‘Linda’ I am wondering if the reply appears in her email box or if it sits in my Blog post.  If you are Linda do please post and let me know, it was such an encouragement to have your positive feedback.

All this leads me to ponder if I, and maybe you, are good at doing the positive feedbacks in our normal everyday lives?  the thank you card, or warm greeting to the bus driver – or even thank you as we get off his bus!  Life must surely present us with many opportunities to ‘comment’.  I plan on being more aware – if you take advantage of such opportunities please do let me know and share the moment.

With love    Angela


Just pondering life

 Survival, especially in these difficult times, has to count as some sort of an achievement. It’s not something that comes easily … But, having done that much, you’re left with the problem of giving it some purpose. After all, what good is health and security if your life has no meaning?

From The Pale Criminal by Philip Kerr (British novelist 1956–2018)

I saw this quote and thought of us!

“I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather my sparks should burn out in a blaze than they should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than asleep and permanent as a planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”
— Jack London

The routine thing is not always routine

There are attitudes that are not suitable for us as we get older; being a pessimist fits into that category.  It takes courage to face the ageing process and to have a positive mindset, whatever the outcome, means that at the very least you enjoyed the ride!

The war time prime minister Winston Churchill noted that a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty

I recently read an article in Candis magazine, the August issue P 37, ‘When it’s OK to Choose Pessimism’ the article speaks of defensive pessimism – a way of thinking that looks at the worst possible outcome, then, optimistically prepares to prevent it.  That sounds remarkably like our journey into possible retirement or the way we view the as yet unknown future!

Worry is so draining especially when there isn’t a reality to fix the worry onto.  Concerns about ill health, our own or of our nearest and dearest, can sap the energy out of the day/month/year/future. ‘Defensive pessimism’ might just be a useful tool in your SuperAger kit.  I would be interested in your thoughts.

Meanwhile have  a good day.  Love  Angela

Profiled in magazine Woman Alive

A quote on page 30 of the September issue of Woman Alive:

Life begins at 60  Angela Lucas, now 85, has five adult children and 11 grandchildren, and has spent the last 25 years challenging herself to do new things.

I feel very honoured to have my adventures and my book How to be a SuperAger take up a page of the September issue of the magazine Woman Alive.  Thank you to the editor Jackie Harris.  You can find the magazine details at Woman  Order your own copy.  And you can order my book How to be a SuperAger from Amazon – happy reading!

Have a good week!

Love  Angela

Well – my dreams of cycling on the Camino de Santiago have had to give way to common sense.

Just a few weeks into dreaming about cycling part of the Camino de Santiago reality dawned and I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

SO I chose to be an encourager for other peoples possibilities.  My Camino hiking gear went to my granddaughter who is having an African adventure and my bike is with my daughter who plans to cycle to work.

The Tamoxifen hormone blocker, while being a blessing as an insurance against possible reoccurrence of breast cancer, also has unwanted side effects; among these are lethargy and lack of motivation and I have to draw on alternative ways of functioning, of encouraging myself to be a healthy and active participant in this great thing called life.

Being an encourager takes me out of myself into a focus on other peoples endeavours.  A privilege has been working alongside a hospice chaplin as she writes her autobiography.  Sitting alongside her, proof reading, editing and drinking coffee warms my inner being with a sense of purpose.

My book, How to be a SuperAger, is going to be featured in the September issue of the women’s magazine Woman Alive. You can order your copy direct via their website.  Happy reading!

Just a thought from a Henry Ford quote: Anyone who stops learning is old whether at 20 or 80…the greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.



My home, the fire and what’s next!

If you have followed my blog you will know that almost a year ago my home was decimated by a fire which began next door.  Just 6 weeks to go then my rebuilt home will be ready to move back.

This should be, and is, exciting.  Problem is the prospect of all the upheaval is rather daunting and comes at a time when my breast cancer treatment, tamoxifen, is living up to its reputation for wearing side effects.

SO!  I have two schemes in place; the first is an imaginary box which accompanies me everywhere.  When an unwanted side effect is being a difficulty I talk to myself  “I, Angela, am fine.  Its the Tamoxifen” and in my imagination the side effect is put into the box, hopefully not to reappear for a while.

Imagination is a wonderful and powerful tool.  Just to convince myself that I, Angela, is alright I have a plan ….I am working towards  the possibility of cycling the final 100 miles of the ancient pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago.  This will be to celebrate being 86.  For my 82 birthday my daughter and I hiked the same route

So, watch this space!  #SuperAger

Unusual presents!

For my birthday my friend has gifted me with an unusual present.  The art work, machine embroidery picture, which was used for the front cover of my book How to be a SuperAger has been beautifully framed and is ready to go on the wall in my own home which is well on the way to being rebuilt after a fire last year.

Many years ago I had another unusual present.  While working in Egypt I shared rather grotty accommodation with a Swiss friend. ‘Grotty’ included the fact that our water supply was one dripping tap in the kitchen; please do note – no bath or shower!

It was my 56th birthday and my Swiss friend said we had been invited for coffee at the apartment of some Swiss flight attendants.  The apartment was so handsome, the living room marble floors led to a luxurious bathroom where a bath of steaming water was waiting – the bathroom shelves contained every bath luxury a 56 year old could possibly need.  This was my birthday present – 2 hours to luxuriate in the bliss of hot water, perfumes, bath oils and talcum powder.  The luxuries included a large thermos flask of coffee.

So what has been your unusual present?  Do tell!

With love  Angela.  #SuperAger

Happy Christmas

Always on the lookout for news of those who don’t do ‘Give up itis’ I received a Christmas newsletter from my brother and his partner.

My goodness! it took my mind back to when my brother was born.  WW11 was recently over and we were visiting my grandmother in Egypt.  I was twelve years old and can still feel the giggles when my mother said they were going to Groppis to buy a baby.  Groppis, which I  think still exists, was a rather delicious confectionary shop – and no, they didn’t sell babies.

What they did sell was small wooden crates.  My grandmother bought one, attached rope handles and it became the pram I used to drag my baby brother along the street.

But back to the newsletter.  My brother, now in his early 70s has a chronic form of leukaemia but it hasn’t got in the way of Doing, Being, Living!  He has lived in Australia since a squib of a boy at 6 years old.  A keen sailor he already has some adventures under his belt.  And he still goes out on his yacht – when he is not working.  I think he has something to do with ropes and navigation tackle.

My brother has a motorbike and his partner rode pillion.  But they decided it was time his partner had a bike of her own and they bought a small 250cc Kawsaki.  the bike was pretty old but safe and perfect for a learner.  Now they had bought a 650cc Kawasaki which has more power but is also more comfortable and quicker to get away from the traffic when necessary.

A few weeks ago they set off for an adventure biking to a wedding in Eden NSW 600 klms away.  the outward journey of about 12 hours was done in two stints and the return journey in one day.  they were shattered!  But they did it! Setting age and health problems aside they were Doing, Being, Living.

So what is your Get up and go this month?  Let us all in on your story.  It’s easy to do that just click on ‘contact’. on my website.  Meanwhile, in the rather unsettling times we are experiencing, I wish you the Peace and Joy of Christ; of He who is the reason for the season!

With love.  Angela