Expanding my IT skills

My son, who is the true IT wizz person, spent some time today showing me how to use extra facilities on my web site, and, I discovered someone had posted a comment!

Well! now that I posted a reply to ‘Linda’ I am wondering if the reply appears in her email box or if it sits in my Blog post.  If you are Linda do please post and let me know, it was such an encouragement to have your positive feedback.

All this leads me to ponder if I, and maybe you, are good at doing the positive feedbacks in our normal everyday lives?  the thank you card, or warm greeting to the bus driver – or even thank you as we get off his bus!  Life must surely present us with many opportunities to ‘comment’.  I plan on being more aware – if you take advantage of such opportunities please do let me know and share the moment.

With love    Angela


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