How To Be A SuperAger – My next book

Welcome to my blog post – the first one I have to add and hopefully you are keen to find out just what my book, How to be a SuperAger, is about.  Here are a few clues.

The book was birthed in the Galician mountain range of northern Spain as, with my daughter, I hiked 100 km of the ancient pilgrimage route, Camino de Santiago.

The route, mainly uphill, took in amazing scenery, sticky mud, lush forests, more sticky mud, albergues (dormitory hostels) conversations with other peregrinos (pilgrims) and yet more sticky mud with occasional advice about how to avoid said mud!  I mention the mud because early on in my hike I slipped and fell headlong into the stuff damaging both my hip and my pride.  A tall, lanky, good looking young Australian man just happened to come along at the right moment and rescued me.

Keeping my opinions to myself at that point I reflected that the journey mirrored the ‘pilgrimage’ of getting older; the challenges of limbs that ached, of losing vital independence, of cataracts, boxfuls of pills and a strange loss of identity while also ruminating and wondering what life has been all about.

But intriguingly it wasn’t just about the above mentioned losses – there was also a sense of excitement along the trail as rumours spread of ‘the old lady who is 82’ – and yes, that ‘old’ lady was me!  Such fun and delight on discovering that in my later life others found encouragement and sense of purpose in my journey.  In fact, dear reader, I had a reason for being, a reason to breathe the air around me.  There was value in the years of my life that could add value and purpose into the lives of others around me.

Arriving in Santiago at the end of my pilgrimage, I jumped and waved with exhilaration – I had done it. Oh my goodness indeed; I had accomplished something very special that made me ponder just how much those kilometres mirrored the mystery and journey of getting older.

And so my book was born!

Inside its covers you can discover ways to give added value to your later years, to make them meaningful not only for yourself but for all those others around you.  You can discover how your third age and beyond can be the start of a whole new adventure.

And here’s what some readers have been good enough to say …

This book is truly inspirational and full of optimism giving clear challenging advice for those struggling with the ageing process. (Paula Whittle, Education and leadership consultant)

This inspirational, practical book is a delight for those over 50 who feel their life adventure is over when in fact it has not yet begun. (Elva Ainsworth, Author and business leader)

Look for it on Amazon, for example. And look back at this blog for links as they become available.

With love


2 thoughts on “How To Be A SuperAger – My next book

  1. I have just finished reading How to be a Super Ager. I loved it. It was so inspirational. I now need to put it into practice. I loved,too, that you are obviously a woman of faith. It’s helpful to be able to call on God for wisdom. One “problem” I have is the need to be aware that I have a husband to take into account. There are some things I can’t just go off and do. Having said that, it was a brilliant read and I will be recommending it.


    1. Hello Linda, my son has been talking me through how to use some of the extras on the site that I didn’t know about – and I found your comment. thank you so much for taking the time to write, and for your encouraging remarks. I think your ‘husband’ dilemma comes into the chapter noting there are many people who just don’t have a clear run at being a SuperAger’ and the need to use the difficulties as part of the process.
      With warm wishes. Angela


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