“How To Be A SuperAger” due for publication 12th April 2018

Monday 2 April 2018, and the launch day for my book is a tantalising ten days away.  Already it has its place on Amazon ready to collect pre-orders.  A hundred marketing post cards have arrived at the Premier Inn heralding the soon to be arrival of one hundred books!

Yes, you read that right – ‘Premier Inn!’  So you are wondering why?  Have I gone there to celebrate in advance with mega excitement and dozens of friends and bottles of Prosecco?


Three weeks ago, on Mothers Day of all days, a fire which began next door engulfed my home, with its contents, in thick acid filled smoke.  Not the kind of smoke which can be washed off or covered with paint, but the kind that rapidly eats into the fabric of everything it lands on.

My home, with all its memories and yes, including the hours of sitting in the study typing my book, was destroyed.

If you read my first blog you will have seen mention of black sticky mud – well, this Mothers Day I encountered the deepest stretch of black sticky mud – and I needed rescuing.

‘Rescuing’ came in many forms; practical help and tremendous kindness from my family and friends – and, THE BOOK!

Excitement might not be the right word to use here; the shock factor ate into my brain turning it into dull mush, while my arms and legs didn’t seem to have any power to hold even a cup of coffee much less a consignment of books.

So ‘excitement’ is being renamed and called ‘determination.’  I even re-read my book to remind myself of the value of the later life years!

It is the excitement of others which helps to keep the momentum going.  The buzz of words surround me ‘When is your book being launched?’ and even ‘You must be so excited.’

So I am trying to extricate my brain from its mushy state with reminders that this moment in time is meant to be exciting and to remember the words of wisdom that I wrote (really?) for the back page blurb ‘…whatever problems life presents, if a new challenge is accepted, a purposeful new life adventure begins.’

So dear reader, YOU CAN JOIN IN, get motivated, be excited and dig deep into a marvellous sense of purpose to make your third age years, with all of its challenges and complexities, and even beyond into a delightful reality.

And you can learn more from my book from 12th April 2018 onward. But you can preorder it now at Amazon.

With love


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