Can you choose the title for my next book?

This sunny day is May 7th, almost one month since launch day of my book,  How To Be A SuperAger’ and almost two months since ‘that’ fire.  If you have read my previous blogs you will know that on Mother’s Day of all days my home and sanctuary was made uninhabitable by a fire which spread from the house next door.

The local newspaper unglamorously described me as old and frail!  ‘Old’ I own up to, there is nothing I can do about that; but ‘frail’? Had they got the right person?  I don’t think so.  A friend contacted the newspaper editor to declare ‘’She won’t survive, she will thrive’

Now I have to make that ring true.  If you have read my book you already know that I used my hiking experience, on the ancient pilgrimage route of Camino de Santiago in the Spanish Galician mountains, as a mirror reflecting the getting older process.

So, I have chosen to make the coming 7-9 months a pilgrimage.  Really?  Yes.  While temporarily living in a rental house and trying to come to terms with the loss of so many things – including my brain sometimes! there emerges a new ‘Camino’ often of the sticky mud type, out of which a new adventure, and hopefully a new book will emerge.  A daily journal marks the good and the bad days etc.  The back cover of the current book carries these words ‘…whatever problems life presents, if a new challenge is accepted, a purposeful new life adventure begins.

This is where you can be involved.  You can be part of my new challenge – and the embryonic new book.  A title will be needed and your help would be a delight.  Send me your suggestions and if your proposal is used you will receive a signed copy of the new book.  To submit your suggestions for a title use the ‘contact me‘ section on my website ‘Angela Lucas writer’.  I am already getting excited in anticipation of hearing from you.  Thank you so much for being part of my new pilgrimage.

(Just between you and me – my publisher, Panoma Press, doesn’t know about this book yet – perhaps you can tell your friends and kin folk that they can buy the current book on Amazon – looking ahead it would make an excellent Christmas present!)

With love     Angela

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