Well! this is something of an experiment!

Are you thinking I have lost the plot, that I am doing something other that writing – or – what kind of experiment???

First I have to let you in on a kind of secret – without my son’s help I can’t do blogs – I can write them, and of course those are the blogs you have been reading.  BUT – and its a big BUT I just cant get the hang of ‘how to‘; I am sure you know what is meant by that!

Just at the time there is some exciting news for you to share my son is at work in America; so he is quite unavailable to guide me through the intricacies of actually getting the word out there.  And I did think it was high time I got to grips with the process myself.

Then I noticed on the top corner of the blog page is the word ‘write‘ so, In anticipation that it means my blog will appear on the website – here goes…

Maybe you have heard of the women’s magazine, ‘The Peoples Friend‘?  Following a telephone interview just last week an article, gleaned from my book, ‘How to be a SuperAger’ is going to be published in The Peoples Friend issue dated 27th June.

On the same date, 27th June, my book, ‘How to be a SuperAger‘ will feature on the blog site of The Peoples Friend.  I found the site simply by googling the magazine’s name.  their blog site looks lively, interesting and punchy, well worth having a look.

If my son was guiding me through this blog he would show me how to guide you directly from this blog to The Peoples Friend blog – but I think that between you and me we can negotiate our way around.

So, happy searching and get down to your local newsagent on 27th June to buy your copy of The Peoples Friend.  Then do remember to enjoy searching their blog site.  Any comments you have can be posted on my website, Angela Lucas Writer.

Bye for now and catch up with you soon.  Angela

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