Well – my dreams of cycling on the Camino de Santiago have had to give way to common sense.

Just a few weeks into dreaming about cycling part of the Camino de Santiago reality dawned and I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

SO I chose to be an encourager for other peoples possibilities.  My Camino hiking gear went to my granddaughter who is having an African adventure and my bike is with my daughter who plans to cycle to work.

The Tamoxifen hormone blocker, while being a blessing as an insurance against possible reoccurrence of breast cancer, also has unwanted side effects; among these are lethargy and lack of motivation and I have to draw on alternative ways of functioning, of encouraging myself to be a healthy and active participant in this great thing called life.

Being an encourager takes me out of myself into a focus on other peoples endeavours.  A privilege has been working alongside a hospice chaplin as she writes her autobiography.  Sitting alongside her, proof reading, editing and drinking coffee warms my inner being with a sense of purpose.

My book, How to be a SuperAger, is going to be featured in the September issue of the women’s magazine Woman Alive. You can order your copy direct via their website.  Happy reading!

Just a thought from a Henry Ford quote: Anyone who stops learning is old whether at 20 or 80…the greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.



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