My home, the fire and what’s next!

If you have followed my blog you will know that almost a year ago my home was decimated by a fire which began next door.  Just 6 weeks to go then my rebuilt home will be ready to move back.

This should be, and is, exciting.  Problem is the prospect of all the upheaval is rather daunting and comes at a time when my breast cancer treatment, tamoxifen, is living up to its reputation for wearing side effects.

SO!  I have two schemes in place; the first is an imaginary box which accompanies me everywhere.  When an unwanted side effect is being a difficulty I talk to myself  “I, Angela, am fine.  Its the Tamoxifen” and in my imagination the side effect is put into the box, hopefully not to reappear for a while.

Imagination is a wonderful and powerful tool.  Just to convince myself that I, Angela, is alright I have a plan ….I am working towards  the possibility of cycling the final 100 miles of the ancient pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago.  This will be to celebrate being 86.  For my 82 birthday my daughter and I hiked the same route

So, watch this space!  #SuperAger

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