How you talk to yourself matter

How you talk to yourself matters!

Many years ago, as a young army nurse, I worked alongside Doctor Roger Bannister, the 4 minute mile athlete.  He succeeded because he told himself that he could!  After missing out on a medal in the 1952 Olympics he told himself that he could succeed and of course put in the necessary training.  He removed the mental barriers and made the impossible, possible.

So far this year has been  surreal.  first a fire starting in the house next door quickly decimated my home –  on Mothers Day of all days!  Publishing day for my book How To Be A SuperAger was only three weeks away.

While living in a rental house nearby  the postman delivers payment demands.  Mainly for electricity/water use estimates.  And, YES, I had informed them of the fire.  Did anyone take notice?  I leave you to guess as I send out the latest letters to say there is no electricity supply, no water supply.  URGH!

The local council did no better sending out reminders for a bill I did not owe – even issuing a court summons.  Getting in touch with my MP plus some strongly worded emails saw the summons rescinded.

And just in case boredom should set in, a routine mammogram indicated need for a biopsy, which led to a breast cancer diagnosis, a lumpectomy, and a Thank You God moment with the good news that all the cancer was removed.  There will just be the follow up radio therapy etc. There has been dignified positive support from my family and friends.

Like Roger Bannister it matters how I talk to myself. ‘Oh dear the house wont be habitable until the end of November’ changed to ‘By the end of November I will be home’ and I smiled.

Post operative tiredness and worry produced unwanted reminders as I repeatedly told myself how tired/worried/sick I felt. Do you see the pattern?  I was reminding myself negatively instead of affirming the positives.  Like Roger Bannister it was about removing the mental barriers.  Talking differently to myself made a huge difference ‘Thank you’ punctuated my reminders   ‘Thank you the cancer was found early.  Thank you for my amazing family.  Thank you for the friend who drove me to all the hospital visits.  Thank you that I experienced the National Health service at its best.  Thank you to God who provided all the above!  Changing my thinking put a smile on my face – even when I am tired.

It is so easy to put limits on ourselves that don’t have to be true.  Look again at the back cover blurb of my book How To Be A SuperAger – ‘If a new challenge is accepted a purposeful new life adventure begins.

With love     Angela


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