The generations meet!

Have you noticed my blog hasn’t appeared for a little while?  If you have noticed then it means you read my blog posts!  That feels like encouragement on this lovely windy but sunny day.

However I need to tell you about another source of encouragement – my granddaughter who at age 24 continually sets herself new challenges.  Not so long ago she went to Sierra Leone to run a half marathon raising funds for a charity involved with children’s work.

Now she is trying to find ways to go back to Sierra Leone to work alongside a local children’s charity.

Meanwhile my granddaughter is going on a surf and skateboard holiday – she has never done either of these activities – ;Just a new challenge to stretch herself.’  This delightful young lady has started cycling from her home in Palmers Green to her office in London; a distance of 24k.

The fire on Mothers Day that ruined my home at times feels like challenge enough.  A more exciting challenge has been the publishing of my first book this year ‘How to be a SuperAger’.  ‘Marketing’ is proving to be a new learning curve and at times feels daunting.

SO! an enthusiastic granddaughter taking on new challenging experiences is just the tonic I needed and reminded me of the theme of my book written for third agers ‘Whatever problems life presents, if a new challenge is accepted, a purposeful new life adventure begins.’

Surfing might be beyond me for sure but I can write.  In collusion with my granddaughter I have committed to enter two writing competitions a month.

Watch this space!!

Have a good day.  Angela


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