Does life start at fifty?

Does life start at fifty?  there is not a one size fits all argument to back this idea; but there are some generalities.  Actually, what starts at fifty is the next stage of your life which hopefully has gathered some wisdom from your first half century life events.  If you have reached the Big 50 you are breathing and alive and reading this blog.  that is a good start!

Try this – first give yourself a goal or dream – a useful starting point so that you don’t just drift; unless of course you want to just drift with a little sitting down and a folding of the hands as you gently sigh into a comfy armchair.  But be aware – any wishful thinking may only produce regrets.

It is your mind set that helps you to create this new stage of life, that allows you to go beyond yourself and live out the challenges that this stage in life can bring.

Are you gnashing your teeth and snarling at this blog while thinking that I don’t understand your circumstances?  so true – I don’t.  However my fifties started with no money, as in, there was no money, none at all, no coins down the back of the settee and there was an eviction notice sitting on the table.

And even as I type,this article is being produced in a rental house just two doors away from my own house.  A fire which began next door decimated my home and its contents.  But I am alive and importantly have continued to breathe!

Every stage of life has the potential to create challenges.  and if you are breathing – halleluiah! get going on that goal or dream and enjoy the challenge.

Love  Angela  #superager

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