So what happened to the writing competitions?

Well! it’s like this – I didn’t find any competitions which fitted my purpose to enter.

So instead I concentrated on marketing my book How to be a SuperAger.  Copies were sent to newspaper columnists who had written about the delights and difficulties of growing older.  Copies were also sent to TV presenters and it is good to be able to record here that Lorraine Kelly of daytime TV took time to send a reply.  Thank you Lorraine, it was really appreciated.

The editor of my local newspaper has also replied, so thank you.

Meanwhile a completely different and terrible subject has been at the forefront of news items; the senseless, mindless murders committed by teenagers on teenagers.  I am sure that it is not only in my generation of older people where dismay is felt.  The horror and fear must be affecting all generations but especially impacting young black children.

In my area we have a growing number of young black people and my experience with them is that they are thoughtful, polite and far removed from the distressing profile portrayed by the constant news items of mayhem and murder.

If you know how to help – please do reply.

With love.  Angela


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