Happy Christmas

Always on the lookout for news of those who don’t do ‘Give up itis’ I received a Christmas newsletter from my brother and his partner.

My goodness! it took my mind back to when my brother was born.  WW11 was recently over and we were visiting my grandmother in Egypt.  I was twelve years old and can still feel the giggles when my mother said they were going to Groppis to buy a baby.  Groppis, which I  think still exists, was a rather delicious confectionary shop – and no, they didn’t sell babies.

What they did sell was small wooden crates.  My grandmother bought one, attached rope handles and it became the pram I used to drag my baby brother along the street.

But back to the newsletter.  My brother, now in his early 70s has a chronic form of leukaemia but it hasn’t got in the way of Doing, Being, Living!  He has lived in Australia since a squib of a boy at 6 years old.  A keen sailor he already has some adventures under his belt.  And he still goes out on his yacht – when he is not working.  I think he has something to do with ropes and navigation tackle.

My brother has a motorbike and his partner rode pillion.  But they decided it was time his partner had a bike of her own and they bought a small 250cc Kawsaki.  the bike was pretty old but safe and perfect for a learner.  Now they had bought a 650cc Kawasaki which has more power but is also more comfortable and quicker to get away from the traffic when necessary.

A few weeks ago they set off for an adventure biking to a wedding in Eden NSW 600 klms away.  the outward journey of about 12 hours was done in two stints and the return journey in one day.  they were shattered!  But they did it! Setting age and health problems aside they were Doing, Being, Living.

So what is your Get up and go this month?  Let us all in on your story.  It’s easy to do that just click on ‘contact’. on my website.  Meanwhile, in the rather unsettling times we are experiencing, I wish you the Peace and Joy of Christ; of He who is the reason for the season!

With love.  Angela



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