Unusual presents!

For my birthday my friend has gifted me with an unusual present.  The art work, machine embroidery picture, which was used for the front cover of my book How to be a SuperAger has been beautifully framed and is ready to go on the wall in my own home which is well on the way to being rebuilt after a fire last year.

Many years ago I had another unusual present.  While working in Egypt I shared rather grotty accommodation with a Swiss friend. ‘Grotty’ included the fact that our water supply was one dripping tap in the kitchen; please do note – no bath or shower!

It was my 56th birthday and my Swiss friend said we had been invited for coffee at the apartment of some Swiss flight attendants.  The apartment was so handsome, the living room marble floors led to a luxurious bathroom where a bath of steaming water was waiting – the bathroom shelves contained every bath luxury a 56 year old could possibly need.  This was my birthday present – 2 hours to luxuriate in the bliss of hot water, perfumes, bath oils and talcum powder.  The luxuries included a large thermos flask of coffee.

So what has been your unusual present?  Do tell!

With love  Angela.  #SuperAger

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